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Our innovative Cancer Cell Treatment cream-based formula delivers essential minerals directly through the skin's dermal layers. Diseased cells absorb these minerals in lethal doses, leading to their destruction, while healthy cells benefit from these minerals in therapeutic amounts, ensuring no adverse effects. This method offers a non-invasive alternative to traditional treatments, eliminating the need for ingestion or injections.

cancer cell treatment
Cancer Cell Treatment offers a groundbreaking approach to combating abnormal cells resulting from illness. Utilizing a cream-based formula, our patented CC formula works in harmony with the body's immune system to eradicate toxic cells while preserving healthy ones.

The CC Formula Mode of Action

A Simplified Explanation of a Complex Process

Our unique delivery system efficiently transports minerals like Zinc and Copper through the epidermal layers. These minerals are swiftly absorbed by both diseased and healthy tissues, albeit in different concentrations, making Cancer Cell Treatment both targeted and effective.

Distinguishing Healthy and Diseased Cells:

  • Healthy Cells: Follow the 32-step Krebs cycle, a crucial metabolic pathway that produces ATP, the energy molecule essential for cell functions.

  • Diseased Cells: Deviate from the Krebs cycle, relying on an alternative 18-step pathway, absorbing sugars and excessive minerals, leading to their toxicity.

Selective Toxicity in Cancer Cell Treatment:
Diseased cells uptake excessive amounts of Zinc and Copper from the CC formula, causing their death. Healthy cells, adhering to the full Krebs cycle, only absorb what they need and expel any excess, ensuring their survival.

Benefits of Cancer Cell Treatment Through the CC Formula:

  • Inhibits Metastasis: Prevents the spread of cancer cells.

  • Reduces Inflammation: Lessens swelling and irritation in affected areas.

  • Stimulates the Immune System: Boosts the body's natural defenses.

  • Promotes Healthy Cell Growth and Regeneration: Supports the recovery and maintenance of healthy tissues

Breaking Down Barriers in Cancer Cell Treatment:
Often, a sheath of bacterial cells surrounds mutated cells. The CC formula's high bioavailability allows Zinc and Copper to penetrate this barrier, killing the bacteria and exposing the mutated cells to the immune system for destruction.

In summary, Cancer Cell Treatment selectively targets and kills diseased cells while sparing healthy tissues, offering a significant advantage in treating several severe diseases.

Cancer Research Behind the CC Formula

Pioneering Cancer Cell Treatment Research and Development

The developer of the CC formula is committed to advancing immunotherapy through innovative, non-invasive, and targeted anti-cancer therapies. Our focus is on fulfilling unmet medical needs, particularly for disenfranchised cancer patients and others suffering from serious diseases.

Current research is aimed at developing and commercializing the CC Treatment, a proprietary patent-application formulation. This research seeks to determine the formula's effectiveness in identifying and treating non-performing cells in humans and animals.

Future Prospects in Cancer Cell Treatment:
We are also exploring the potential for a transdermal patch version of the CC formula. This innovation could serve as a diagnostic tool, alerting users to the presence of cancerous cells even in the absence of visible symptoms and stimulating the body's defenses to expel mutated cells.

Scientific Insights in Cancer Cell Treatment:
Cancer cells, unlike healthy cells, do not follow the full Krebs cycle, allowing them to absorb excessive nutrients and minerals, leading to their proliferation. The CC formula targets these cancer cells by delivering toxic levels of Zinc and Copper, causing their death while sparing healthy cells.

The CC formula's unique approach helps expose cancer cells to the immune system by penetrating bacterial shields that often surround malignant cells, making it easier for the immune system to eliminate them.

Who Can Benefit from Cancer Cell Treatment?

Our Cancer Cell Treatment is designed for:

  • Individuals currently battling cancer

  • Pet owners seeking alternative treatments for pets with cancer

Key Points to Highlight with Cancer Cell Treatment

  • Non-Curative Yet Effective: While our treatment doesn't cure cancer, it destroys the harmful cells caused by the disease, offering a vital adjunct to existing medical protocols.

  • Broad Target: The CC formula doesn't single out a specific disease but targets all disease-carrying or disease-prone cells.

  • Alternative and Adjunctive: This treatment can be seamlessly integrated into a multi-pronged approach to patient care, complementing existing treatments.

Transparency and Support in Cancer Cell Treatment

We're committed to providing an open and transparent platform for information and networking. Our CCT Support Network offers:

  • Detailed information on the availability of the CC formula

  • Assistance from treatment facilitators in developing a customized treatment plan

  • Consultation services from advisors who have successfully incorporated the formula into their own treatment plans

Important Notice about Cancer Cell Treatment

  • The CC formula has not yet received FDA approval. Pre-clinical work is underway to meet the requirements for filing an Investigational New Drug application. Despite this, the formula is available for purchase through authorized CCT Facilitators and approved retailers.

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