Bioavailable Ionic Minerals For Disease Mitigation

Bioavailable Ionic Minerals For Disease Mitigation

The Cancer Cell (CC) Formula is an experimental treatment that is currently being researched on cancer, infectious and other diseases.

This technology targets cells which do not follow the Krebs metabolic cycle by delivering a lethal dose of minerals (zinc and copper) to those cells. Because cancer cells follow an anaerobic, non-Krebs metabolism, it is predicted to target cancer cells precisely.

Bioavailable Ionic Minerals

Normal, healthy cells that follow the Krebs cycle should absorb the minerals that they need and reject the rest. Because bacteria and fungi follow non-Krebs metabolic cycles, the product may also be capable of treating a variety of infections.

The formulation uses highly bioavailable cations through inorganic coordination complexes formed by the coordinate bond formation between an electropositive mineral cation and molecular groups that pose unshared electron pairs. A salicylic acid preparation can enhance the transport of free zinc and copper ions systemically through tissue via an artificial superoxide dismutase (SOD) radical.

A topical version has been tested on over 100 volunteer subjects during eight years of informal trials on a variety of diseases. Results reported have been extremely positive. Cancer patients using the topical formulation reported that dead cancer cells were excreted by the body via the skin, stool, or urine. Although much-experienced pain and other effects, subjects reported that the effects ended upon the conclusion of the treatment. The treatment has also been tested on MRSA and ALS patients with promising results. The product is currently undergoing additional pre-clinical doctor-supervised case studies on several types of diseases.

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