How We Read Oncologic FDG PET CT – Metal Metabolism in Health and Disease

In healthy states, metal homeostasis is tightly controlled, and its deregulation is implicated as a cause or consequence of many human diseases. The study of trace metals in biology and medicine, historically known as inorganic biochemistry or bioinorganic chemistry, is growing in importance, becoming fashionably known as “metallomics.” Continue reading

The Importance of the Biological Balance of Zinc and Copper in Health

The common saying, “too much of a good thing,” does have a place in nutrition. The body prefers a happy medium, and too little and too much of many essential vitamins and minerals can lead to antagonists deficiency and/or imbalances.  Continue reading

Cationic Zinc: What Is It?

Numerous zinc supplementation trials have shown that a wide range of health benefits can be realized by increasing the intake of zinc where diets are inadequate in this micronutrient. Zinc is a mineral once absorbed in the small intestine by a carrier-mediated mechanism. Once it has been absorbed it becomes Cationic Zinc in the fluids of the body. Continue reading

Take A Magnesium Bath And Why Grandma Said So

There comes a time in everyone’s life when you have to say grandma was right.

Some of the ideas 40 years ago just do not seem important, why should they, we have modern medicine and cell phones and that’s all we need. So let’s go back in time and then add some science to Grandma’s thinking.

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Free Radicals In The Body – Oxidative Stress And The Antioxidant Response

The basic science of oxidative stress and the antioxidant response is not in contention, what is an effective antioxidant is.

When the body breaks food down into energy, it generates a by-product known as free radicals. Also present in food itself, the air we breathe and the sun we worship, free radicals are a broad class of chemicals with the potential to exert significant damage.

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What Is Carcinogenesis And Cell Transformation In Cancer

We all have non-normal cells, this is well known in the scientific world, but not quite understood by the general public.

The Cell Cycle has been intensively studied to help in determining the cause of cancer. This has actually been going on for centuries, from Otto Warburg in the 1920s to a recent publication in 2014 with the new definition of Carcinogenesis, almost 100 years later. So now what?

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Mineral Relationships – Vitamins – Endocrines and Health

Nutritional therapeutics has largely been directed toward the recognition and correction of nutritional deficiencies.

Originally published in Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine Vol. 5, No. 1, 1990


It is now becoming evident that a loss of homeostatic equilibrium between the nutrients can also have an adverse effect on health. A loss of this vital balance, particularly between the trace elements, can lead to subclinical deficiencies.

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Bioavailable Ionic Minerals For Disease Mitigation

The Cancer Cell (CC) Formula is an experimental treatment that is currently being researched on cancer, infectious and other diseases.

This technology targets cells which do not follow the Krebs metabolic cycle by delivering a lethal dose of minerals (zinc and copper) to those cells. Because cancer cells follow an anaerobic, non-Krebs metabolism, it is predicted to target cancer cells precisely.

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