Bioavailable Ionic Minerals For Disease Mitigation

The Cancer Cell (CC) Formula is an experimental treatment that is currently being researched on cancer, infectious and other diseases.

This technology targets cells which do not follow the Krebs metabolic cycle by delivering a lethal dose of minerals (zinc and copper) to those cells. Because cancer cells follow an anaerobic, non-Krebs metabolism, it is predicted to target cancer cells precisely.

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Bioavailable Minerals And Probiotics In The CC Treatment

The CC Treatment is a combination of The CC Formula

Which is a plurality of ammonia molecules bonded to a single molecule of ionic Zinc and a single molecule of Copper developed into a complex mineral system that creates “BAMs” Bioavailable Minerals?

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Antimicrobal Resistance – The CC treatment fights in the war on AMR

Reports and agencies are releasing the newest problem in the world’s health as the number one issue facing this era “Antimicrobial Resistance”.

In a consciously alarming report released by WHO, the agency said, “Without urgent action, we are heading for a post-antibiotic era, in which common infections and minor injuries can once again kill.”

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CC Treatment Potential Diseases It May Help – Mutated Cells

The CC Formula can treat mutated cells, non-functioning cells.

And non-typical cell diseases as well as viral, bacterial, and fungal diseases in conjunction with or without other drugs, surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation.

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