Unleashing the Power of Zinc: A Pioneering Breakthrough in the Fight Against CancerStep into the world of Dr. Frederic E. Mohs, the visionary behind a game-changing approach to combat skin cancer. In a groundbreaking experiment in 1933, a young and determined Mohs injected various chemicals into rat tissues, unveiling the astonishing potential of topical zinc compositions as a potent anti-cancer agent.Fast forward to today, where Mohs' surgical technique aims to obliterate tumors while safeguarding precious healthy tissue. But amidst all the advancements, it seems that the remarkable role of zinc has been overlooked.Join us as we delve into the forgotten hero - zinc - and explore its pivotal role in the battle against cancer. Prepare to be amazed by the untapped potential of this humble element.Zinc is required in all body tissues and fluids. Zinc deficiency can lead to a number of different health problems. ... See MoreSee Less


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Cancer Chemotherapy Statistics

The General Concept of Chemotherapy on Cancer Cells Chemotherapy is the treatment of cancer with one or more cytotoxic anti-neoplastic drugs. An older and broader use of the word chemotherapy encompassed any chemical treatment of disease, inhibiting cells, whether they be cancerous self cells or foreign cells such as bacteria. The general concept of this treatment […]
April 11, 2022


3 Restricted Rhabdoid Tumor Treatment Options

Rhabdoid Tumor Treatment - A rhabdoid tumor is a rare and aggressive type of cancer. It most commonly affects children but can also occur in adults. Rhabdoid tumors are usually fast-growing and challenging to treat. They are often resistant to chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Surgery is often the only treatment option for rhabdoid tumors.   […]
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April 7, 2022


The Link Between Obesity and Cancer - Obesity Related Cancers

The Link Between Obesity and Cancer There is research suggesting obesity is associated with an increased risk of certain cancers. This is likely because obesity can cause changes in the body that lead to inflammation and cancer development.  Sir Richard Doll and Richard Peto, 35% of cancer deaths in the USA might be linked to diet. This […]
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April 5, 2022


Sympathetic Nervous System - How Mind Affects Body

What is the sympathetic nervous system? The sympathetic nervous system is the part of the autonomic nervous system that controls the body's fight-or-flight response. It is responsible for the body's survival instincts, preparing it to deal with danger. The sympathetic nervous system triggers the release of adrenaline and other stress hormones, which increase heart rate, […]
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March 28, 2022


Clinical Trials on Animals - Drug Discovery and Development

Clinical Trials on Animals The use of clinical trials on animals is an important part of the drug discovery and development process. Animals are used to test the safety and efficacy of new drugs before they are made available to humans. The use of animals in clinical trials helps to ensure that new drugs are […]
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March 9, 2022


The Amazing Calendula Officinalis - Best Natural Pain Relief

The Amazing Calendula Officinalis Calendula Officinalis is native to Mediterranean region countries but is now grown as an ornamental plant throughout the world. It is a member of the Asteraceae family. The plant has bright yellow or orange flowers, which have been used to make dyes and as a food flavoring. Calendula Officinalis throughout history […]
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March 7, 2022

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Clinical Immunology 101 - What is the Immune System

How does the immune system work - What is the immune system? The immune system is a collection of organs, tissues, and cells that work together to protect the body from infection. The immune system fights off invading organisms such as bacteria, viruses, and parasites. It also protects the body against cancer cells. The immune […]
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March 4, 2022

Double Blind Study - Placebo Controlled Trials

What is the placebo effect? The placebo effect is when a person experiences a benefit after taking a placebo, medication, or other treatment with no natural therapeutic effect. The placebo effect typically exhibits its most significant strength when the person believes the placebo is active. Researchers believe this effect occurs due to the release of […]
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March 3, 2022


Cancer Screening - 16 Interesting Ways to Detect Cancer

The Importance of Cancer Screening It is never too early to begin cancer screening. According to the National Cancer Institute, cancer screening is important because it may find cancers at an early stage when they are easier to treat. In this article, we will discuss some interesting ways to detect cancer. Breast Cancer Screening Breast […]
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March 1, 2022
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