It has been well established that chemotherapy and radiation treatments for cancer can induce toxic side effects on the body. This is an unfortunately common consequence of these therapies due to their effects on healthy cells.

Scientific proof emerges from the heart of the conventional scientific establishment, not from the fringes of alternative medicine.

Hereditary cancer is a type of cancer passed down from one generation to the next. Changes in specific genes passed from parent to child cause it.

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Medical Travel - Traveling for Cancer Treatments

March 29, 2022
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Medical Travel - Traveling For Cancer Treatments

Cancer is one of the top ten causes of death in the world. Every day, over 8,000 people die of cancer worldwide – that’s over 2.8 million people each year. In the United States alone, cancer kills more than half a million people every year. These numbers are alarming, and it is important to understand what cancer is and how it can be treated. Cancer is a term used to describe a large group of diseases that cause cells in the body to change and grow out of control. Cancer can affect any part of the body, including the skin, bones, liver, and lungs.


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The most common type of cancer:

The most common type of cancer is lung cancer, which accounts for about one-fifth of all cancer cases. Other common types of cancer include breast cancer, prostate cancer, and colorectal cancer. Each year, more than 2 million people are diagnosed with cancer in the United States.

Cancer is not one disease, but rather a group of diseases that share some common features. Each type of cancer is unique and can be caused by different things. For example, lung cancer can be caused by smoking, and breast cancer can be caused by exposure to estrogen.


Current common cancer treatments include:

  • Chemotherapy: a treatment that uses drugs to kill cancer cells.
  • Radiation therapy: a treatment that uses high-energy beams of radiation to kill cancer cells.
  • Surgery: a treatment that removes cancer from the body.
  • Targeted therapies: treatments that use drugs or other methods to attack specific cancer cells without harming normal cells.

Some of these treatment methods have serious and painful side effects such as anemia, peripheral neuropathy, lymphedema, infections, and even second cancers or death. These conventional cancer treatments can also be very costly.


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You can take many paths to find the right treatment for you. You can take the medical treatment your physician recommends, get a few different opinions, or research other alternative methods. Global Healthcare provides an option to travel to some of the best facilities in the world and receive the best care possible while reducing costs. Settling for local care is not always the best or most cost-effective option.


Medical Travel

Medical Travel is an option that is growing in popularity as people are becoming more aware of the options and the cost savings. Cancer patients, or those with a loved one who has cancer, can travel to some of the best cancer treatment facilities in the world at a fraction of the cost of receiving care in the United States.

Several treatments that may not be available to you locally or are high-cost treatments are sure to be offered at another location with better financial possibilities. When faced with a cancer diagnosis, you may feel extreme sadness, anger, stress, and worry, which may go on to develop into depression. Discovering the many options that are presented around the globe will help determine the correct treatment for you.


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Having the certainty that you have explored other options and knowing that you are receiving treatment from some of the best physicians internationally, definitely gives you peace of mind in the midst of the situation. It is natural to feel overwhelmed when first diagnosed with cancer, but remember that you are not alone. There are many people who want to help, and by seeking the best treatment for you, you will be on your way to healing.

Cancer is a terrible disease that can affect anyone. It is important to understand what cancer is and how it can be treated. We hope this article has helped you in some way. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!


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