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Difficult roads can lead to beautiful destinations.
— Kia Wynn, oral cancer survivor

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Double Blind Study - Placebo Controlled Trials

March 3, 2022
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What is the placebo effect?

Placebo controlled trials. The placebo effect is a phenomenon in which a person experiences a benefit after taking a placebo, which is a medication or other treatment that has no real therapeutic effect. The placebo effect is usually strongest when the person believes that the placebo is actually active. It is thought that the placebo effect is caused by the release of endorphins, which are chemicals in the brain that help to reduce pain.

What are placebo controlled trials?

Placebo-controlled trials are studies in which one group of people receives a placebo and another group receives the actual treatment. This type of study is used to determine whether the treatment is effective. The effectiveness of a treatment can be determined by comparing the results of the placebo group to the results of the group that received the actual treatment. If the results of the two groups are similar, it can be concluded that the treatment is not effective.

Double Blind Study

Why are placebo-controlled trials important?

Placebo-controlled trials are important because they help to determine whether a treatment is effective. If a treatment is found to be ineffective in a placebo-controlled trial, it is likely that the treatment will not be effective in real life. One of the ways to test the efficacy of a new medication or other treatment is through a double blind study.

What is a double blind study?

A double-blind study is a study in which neither the participants nor the researchers know who is receiving the treatment and who is receiving the placebo. This helps to ensure that any differences in results are due to the actual treatment and not to the participant's expectations.

How is the placebo effect controlled in a double-blind study?

To control for the placebo effect, researchers will often use a placebo that is not expected to have any therapeutic effect. This helps to ensure that any differences in results are due to the actual treatment and not to the participant's expectations.

Are placebo-controlled trials unethical?

The leading ethical position on placebo-controlled clinical trials is that whenever proven effective treatment for a given condition, it is unethical to test a new treatment for that condition against a placebo. However, there may be cases in which a placebo is the only available treatment, and it is ethical to test a new treatment against a placebo.

Some people argue that using a placebo in a clinical trial is unethical because it is not giving the participant the chance to receive the active treatment. However, most researchers believe that using a placebo in a clinical trial is necessary to ensure that any differences in results are due to the actual treatment and not to the participant's expectations.

placebo controlled

Although this approach to clinical research is scientifically sound, ethical concerns arise in some cases that outweigh the benefits of this protocol design. Informed consent forms for placebo-controlled trials should include a discussion of the risks and benefits of participating in the study, including both the active treatment and the placebo. It is important to note that a placebo is not a “fake” or “useless” treatment, but rather a treatment that is inert (does not have any therapeutic effect).

The use of placebos in clinical trials is a common and accepted practice. The ethical concerns that are raised by this approach are essential to consider but do not outweigh the benefits of using this research design. At the end of the day, it is up to the individual participant to decide whether to participate in a clinical trial.

Thanks for reading! We hope this gives you a good understanding of double-blind studies and the placebo effect. Feel free to let us know if you have any questions.

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