Preparing the Body for Treatment

The body is the machine doing the work to fix itself. The treatment is the boost to help that occur. So the more prepared the body is, the greater the efficacy of the modality.

In biology, homeostasis is the state of steady internal, physical, and chemical conditions maintained by living systems. This state supports optimal functioning for the body to defend itself.

Preparing the Body, Treatment, Cellular homeostasis, homeostasis

Homeostasis refers to the capacity of the body to maintain the stability of diverse internal variables, such as temperature, acidity, and water level, in the face of constant environmental disturbance.

Cellular homeostasis and cell survival depend on damage mitigating pathways that respond rapidly to external or intracellular stress. Using suppressive therapies to allow for a quick resolution of symptoms can affect homeostasis. Inbalances lengthen the time to return to normal function because the environment or and cell signaling are compromised.

Early in life, our homeostasis set point margins can adapt to disease and often recover on their own, returning to optimal levels. This is because our auto-regulating system (ARS), a complex cybernetic system that merges and integrates control and corrective feedback mechanisms to maintain optimal homeostasis, functions at a much higher level.

As we age, however, this ability lessens, resulting in more pronounced and longer-lasting symptomology. This can mainly occur if symptoms have been suppressed through various drug therapies that disrupt this complex mechanism, leading to chronic disease. Along with the regular changes of aging, this is one of the reasons it takes longer to recover from any disease process the older we get.

Preparing the Body, Treatment, Cellular homeostasis, homeostasis

Many CAR T immunotherapies, cellular treatments, genetic therapies use the body’s immune to function. Whether it is a stem cell, T cell, modified cell, or another form of attacking or blocking therapy, the environment it goes in determines its survival rate and best outcome.

Preparing and placing the body in homeostasis before treatment will increase the efficacy of the treatment and reduce the time of recovery. Obtaining optimized levels of minerals and vitamins, hydration, exercise, sleep, gut health, immune strength, and hormonal balance are just the basics.

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