It has been well established that chemotherapy and radiation treatments for cancer can induce toxic side effects on the body. This is an unfortunately common consequence of these therapies due to their effects on healthy cells.

Scientific proof emerges from the heart of the conventional scientific establishment, not from the fringes of alternative medicine.

Hereditary cancer is a type of cancer passed down from one generation to the next. Changes in specific genes passed from parent to child cause it.

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COVID-19 a Pandemic or a Control Conspiracy?

May 14, 2020
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COVID-19 a Pandemic or a Control Conspiracy?

COVID-19 Pandemic linked to belief in conspiracy theories


Feelings of anxiety and lack of control about COVID-19 Pandemic linked to belief in conspiracy theories

People with greater feelings of anxiety and lack of control during the early stages of the COVIDÔÇÉ19 were more likely to endorse some conspiracy theories about the deadly virus, according to new research published in Applied Cognitive Psychology.

“Our research team has a long tradition of studying epistemically suspect beliefs (such as paranormal, conspiracy, and pseudoscientific beliefs),” explained study author Jakub Šrol, a researcher at the Institute of Experimental Psychology at the Slovak Academy of Sciences.

“When the pandemic hit, and even before the first cases of COVID-19 were actually identified in Slovakia, it seemed that there was a substantial rise in the spread of various conspiracy theories and pseudoscientific beliefs about COVID-19.”

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