Cancer Detection and it’s limitations

Cancer Detection

It is impossible for today’s detection methods to determine where mutated and/or cancer cells are.

1 Billion cancer cells would fit on the end of a pen and any amount under that is undetectable by today’s modern imagery.

Cancer Tumor EnvironmentOur DNA is constantly mutating at a given rate. This rate can be increased or decreased depending on our exposure to mutagens (risk factors). Cancer is an uncontrolled cell division that occurs following a series of mutations deregulating key cellular processes.



The Cancer Tumor Environment

Cancer Tumor Environment

Current Limits of Cancer Detection

  • The white represents a detected tumor mass that would be seen by current PET or MRI with Contrast.
  • The green dots would be determined as cancerous upon pathology review under a microscope after surgical removal (surgical margins were the orange line).
  • The red dots are cancer or muted cells isolated in good tissue.

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