Smarter Drugs Cellular Biology – Hospitals Overprescribe Antibiotics

Smarter Drugs Cellular Biology

Conventional drug therapies have limitations.

To breakthrough, the medical industry is devoting time and money to cellular biology and developing treatments that effectively shut down genes tied to life-threatening diseases and genetic disorders like MRSA.

Smarter Drugs Cellular BiologyA key to unlocking this pathway involves ribonucleic acid, or RNA, a molecule that plays a crucial role in regulating cellular function. RNA-based drugs have the potential to prevent diseases from spreading through a body, or an entire population. Importantly, RNA therapies do not permanently alter a cell’s structure, unlike DNA-changing treatments, so they can be administered as necessary.

“We expect this field of health care to increasingly challenge conventional pharmaceuticals in forging new treatments for difficult diseases,” the World Economic Forum reports

Smarter Drugs – Cellular Biology Needed to help Hospitals from Over-prescribing Antibiotics, Fueling Superbugs like MRSA: CDC


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