Amazing Human Body’s Immune System

Human Body’s First Line Of Defense Is Its Amazing Immune System

The human body’s first line of defense is its immune system, protecting against foreign invaders such as bacteria and viruses.

A good immune system provides good health. When the immune system malfunctions, people can develop a number of serious, even life-threatening, diseases, including cancer.

The CC Treatment includes immune-based technology in its concepts. For a variety of reasons that researchers are still trying to understand, sometimes unknown to us, how our own cells change and become malignant “immortal” cancer cells, dividing uncontrollably or losing the ability to die off as normal cells due when they become injured or changed. The cell change is so subtle that the body’s immune system fails to recognize and respond to the threat. This allows tumors to grow and the cells to spread to other areas of the body.

Cancer immunology research is an area of great interest for scientists exploring the reasons for cancer and seeking better therapeutic solutions. Major areas of study include developing a better understanding of the underlying mechanisms of cancer immunity, gene expression profiling, and the development of immune-based treatments.

amazing immune system

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