The lymphatic System and Cancer

The lymphatic system is a big part of the body’s immune system and a subset of the circulatory system. It is composed of lymphatic vessels, lymphatic nodes and of the body’s organs, most importantly the spleen. The main function is to carry lymph through the body’s lymph vessels in an upward motion towards the heart. Although the lymphatic system is responsible for transporting nutrients, proteins and white blood cells to fight infections, it can also be a method of transportation for diseases to spread such as cancer.

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CC Treatment Potential Diseases It May Help

The CC Formula can treat mutated cells, non-functioning cells, and non-typical cell diseases as well as viral, bacterial, and fungal diseases in conjunction with or without other drugs, surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation.  This article lists conditions where users have reported positive results, and list additional conditions where there is a potential for application of the CC Treatment. Continue reading

What Causes Skin Cancer and How Do I Know its Cancer?

What causes skin cancer you say? The first thing that pops into people’s head is sun exposure. The truth is, indeed the main cause for skin cancer is excess exposure to Ultraviolet radiation, not only from the sun but also artificial ones such as those from tanning beds. Skin cancer is actually the most common cancer and if detected early enough the most treatable.

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Cuales son las opciones para tratar Cáncer?

Hoy en día, el cáncer se ha convertido en una gran parte de la vida de muchas personas. No sólo para las personas desafortunadas luchando contra esta enfermedad, sino también para sus seres queridos. Es un pensamiento aterrador y una batalla difícil. A pesar de que nuestras técnicas para el tratamiento de cáncer han aumentado, una cura todavía no ha sido desarrollada. Sin embargo, hay algunas opciones muy buenas y eficaces.

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