Fighting Free Radicals and Oxidative Stress

One of the easiest ways to reduce your oxidative stress and enhance your immunity is to fight free radicals. There are many different processes and substances that chronically damage cells and contribute to oxidative stress including:

Toxic chemical compounds and pollutants in your body
Hydrogenated fats
All kinds of pollution , including air, water, and food
Oils that have been heated to very high temperatures
Cigarette smoke, directly inhaled or secondhand
Too much sugar
Too much animal protein in your diet
Geophysical stress like living near power lines or waste dumps
Microbial imbalance, including bacterial, fungal and viral infections
Preservatives in your food
Drugs (over the counter and prescription)
Artificial food colorings and flavorings
Plastics and phthalates
Chemical cleaning supplies
Chlorinated water that you drink, shower in or swim in
Pesticides in your food
Radiation exposure
Psychological and emotional stress

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